Finding out where stuff (perhaps future SGEye products) come from

Source: Provenance

As consumers increasingly scrutinise luxury goods purchases, and craftsmanship, authenticity and heritage take centre stage in major advertising campaigns for brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, this disconnect has become more pronounced. Indeed, earlier this year, the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency banned two Louis Vuitton ads for misleading the public into thinking that the predominantly machine-made bags were handcrafted by European artisans.

Going forward, a new generation of digital tracing technologies may have the ability to pull back the curtain on materials and labour sourcing and give consumers the answers they are looking for.

MIT Sourcemap

Sourcemap, “an open source and open data supply chain publishing platform” created by MIT’s Media Lab offers a glimpse of a rapidly approaching future in which consumers will be able to easily discover, share and discuss where and how their products are made, down to the origin of specific materials and means of shipping.

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