More writing needed! Why and How

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  1. You Will Meet Other Smart People
  2. Your Experiences Will Provide Insightful Knowledge To Other Entrepreneurs
  3. You Will Establish Domain Expertise
  4. It Helps Build Dedication
  5. Your Communication Skills Will Get Exponentially Better
  6. You Will Build An Audience That Will Give You Candid Feedback
  7. It Is A Rapid Accelerator Of Serendipity


  1. Keep It Simple And Worry About The Aesthetics Later On
  2. Define A Specific Audience To Write To
  3. Set A Regular Routine
  4. Don’t Force It

  5. Initially Share With Close Entrepreneurial Friends

  6. Watch Your Analytics

  7. Have a main topic + supporting points to avoid rambling

  8. No linkbait, just “thoughtbait”

  9. Make Yourself Easy To Reach

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