NYTimes Article on Prada’s drive for authenticity

Prada focuses upon authenticity

The labels with “Made in India” or “Made in Scotland” right under the brand lettering are a bold new step being taken by Ms. Prada and her husband and business partner,Patrizio Bertelli. They recognize that although 85 percent of their goods are made in Italian factories, there is nothing to be ashamed of in tapping international artisans.

Delicate dresses with Chikan embroidery, particular to Muslim India, will be labeled proudly “Prada Milano, Made in India” — as will woven straw ballerina flats in bright, powdery colors, inspired by the artisans and the traditional spring festival of Holi, when Indians throw colored powder and colored water at one another.

“‘Made in Italy’ — who cares? It’s not a brand strength if you have to defend your work,” says Ms. Prada, taking a deliberately provocative line.

The Prada “Made in Japan” jeans, produced by Dova, which Ms. Prada describes as “the world’s most sophisticated denim manufacturer,” carries handpainted characters to indicate provenance and authenticity.

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