Building a Great Team!

Source: Newcomb


Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly – from Peter Thiel.

Your Team Must Have Ownership

Your job is to instill good hiring principles and practices into your team and let them build the team from there.

Make Sure Every Single Candidate is Treated Like Gold – so many startups I know don’t do this one, but it’s actually pretty big.

Engineers Suck at Negotiating, so Don’t Negotiate, Be Fair – from me, after being pissed off about hiring practices I experienced from bad founders.

Be Transparent – me.

Try New Shit All the Time – trial and error.

Founders Don’t Interview Candidates, it’s the Other Way Around – me


Try Before You Buy (TBYB) – (principles: interviews don’t work and hire slowly and fire quickly)

Founder’s Veto – (principle: team ownership)

Up until about 50 employees, all employees must be voted into both TBYB and employment without any vetos.

Double Unanimous (principle: team ownership)

Not getting a veto is a passive event, getting a unanimous “yes” is an active event.  Thus, in order to get an employment offer a candidate must actually not only not get a veto, but also get a double unanimous “yes” vote.

Giving veto rights is equivalent to giving protective rights to existing employees.

Making them all say “yes” gives them responsibility and ownership over the decision to add a new person to the team.  If the person winds up not fitting in or not being competent, then everyone takes responsibility.  Thus when mistakes happen, which they will, the entire team takes ownership and the team gets stronger as a result.

No Negotiation – (principles: hire for talent, not negotiating skills; be transparent)

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