Analytics: The New Path to Value

Source: Joint IBM/SMR Report, 2010

This report describes that emerging methodology and its five critical recommendations.

  1. Focus on the biggest opportunities first. Attack one big important problem that can demonstrate value and catalyze the organization toward action.
  2. Start with questions, not data. Understand the problem — and the insights needed to solve it — before working on the data that will yield the insights.
  3. Embed insights to drive action. Ensure end-result impact by making information come to life, articulating use cases and expressing data-driven insights in ways that even nonexperts can understand and act upon.
  4. Keep existing capabilities while adding new ones. Even as centralized analytics oversight grows, keep distributed, localized capabilities in place.
  5. Build the analytics foundation according to an information agenda. Opportunistic application of analytics can create value fast, but it must bepart of an enterprise-wide information-and-analytics plan.
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