Chad Hurley Leaves YouTube For Fashion

Source: The Business Insider, Nov 2010

It’s no surprise that Hurley’s fashion company runs like a Web startup. When he and Mazzei dream up a new design, they can produce a sample in the factory connected to their office. If something doesn’t work, they fix it right away. “It’s not about cost-savings,” Hurley says of the factory. “What it allows us to do is something on a much faster scale. We’re able to think of something, make it relatively quickly, and that does relate to an Internet perspective. You launch a site, and you see what works, and you continue to make it better. At YouTube, that was always our strategy. You think how something should work, and then you observe how the community is using it—and adapt. And we’re just taking that same philosophy into how we’re producing some of our products.”

When asked if they take inspiration from high fashion, Mazzei says, “We’re a little bit outsiders, to be honest… and we like it that way.”

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