Telling Startup Stories with Data

Source: ReadWriteWeb, Nov 2010

In Jérôme Cukier’s presentation, he argued that when he writes for OECD factblog, “his goal in creating a given blog post is to capture the interest of the reader within 10 seconds.” Visualizations can be key in doing that. And then, “like a journalist, his approach is to start with the story he believes is in the data, rather than performing analysis to find stories. Once he has a story in mind, he deliberately limits the data he visualizes to create a simple, coherent story.”

don’t present data for the sake of data. Data doesn’t necessarily speak for itself. You need to use the data for the story you want to tell.  In the conclusion of the post on Flowing Data, guest author Joan DiMicco writes, “storytelling with data has the potential to promote increasingly sophisticated and data-literate conversations in the world at large.”

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