Pivotal Labs in Singapore

Source: e27, Nov 2010

Pivotal has its own set of standards and frameworks to adhere to and the clients have their own, how do they come together?

JB: “Right, so we agree on the technology upfront. For new web projects, we like Rails for a number of reasons and encourage our clients to build on Rails. We look at other frameworks on a client to client basis. We do have reasons to think Rails is a good platform for the web applications. We also do significant mobile work on Android, iOS and WebOS.”

Carl: “We pair with them.  At the beginning of the day, there is a stand up meeting to share about the project. We stand in a circle and sort of review what did we did yesterday, what are we going to do today and what issues came up.  And then decide how we are going to pair today and then we break up into pairs and often times we have pivotal engineers and client engineers.”

“The client engineers bring context or their business problems to the existing codebase and the Pivotal engineers bring their strengths in the process and frameworks. There are different aspects of why our process is effective, some of it relates to macro issues like project planning and how to organize your project considerably in a productive manner. And then there are considerably micro tied issues like how to write effective tests and certain scenarios.”

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