Using Outsourcing to Maximize Efficiency

Source: OnStartups, Dec 2010

Outsourcing has become a must. As a founder and entrepreneur, you can’t afford not to. Here’s why.

1. You need a prototype early.

2. You need to stay lean.

3. Test your team.

4. Be forced to know what you want.

5. Live and die by the 80/20 rule-Only do what you’re best at.

6. You can’t afford not to.

7. You are worth more than you think.

8. You can outsource anything.

Where to outsource.

The list is endless but the below should be all you need. I’ve had personal experience with most of these.

  • Elance– One stop shop for anything outsource
  • V Worker (formerly Rent A Coder)- More technical focus
  • Fiverr– Every job for five bucks, graphic design to grocery shopping
  • Ask Sunday– Large team for any task under the sun
  • Virtual Assistant Board– Job board for outsourcers and providers
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