Comparing native apps vs. web apps

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Native iPad Apps

  • Native Apps are faster: uses more of the iPad’s resources and capabilities.
  • No need to search the web: one-stop shopping on the App Store.
  • Users feel more comfortable: They know the app was made specifically for their device, not adapted using HTML5/CSS3.
  • Easier to turn on and off: Apps are made to turn on/off without interruption or loss of data.
  • More difficult to develop: requires knowledge of Objective-C and use ofApple SDK.
  • Closed Platform: difficult to adapt for other devices like the Android platform.

iPad Web Apps

  • Emerging coding standards: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript are bringing incredible client-side functionality to the web; especially with local/offline storage.
  • Tailor the site for any browser: switch between style sheets or redirect pages depending on which device or browser your user is operating. It is possible to make your app universal.
  • Easy to develop: Use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create iPad web apps instead of learning new languages. These are skills you already have.
  • Steve Jobs can’t censor your web app: The web is an open platform — meaning that you are in control. No waiting to get approved by the App Store.
  • Small market, not enough support: web apps need strength in numbers which means not only attracting users but developers as well.


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