10 Crowdsourcing Trends for 2011

Source: CrowdSpring, Dec 2010

  1. Crowdsourcing marketplaces will earn significantly more market share.
  2. More professionals will participate in crowdsourcing.
  3. Professional associations (such as the AIGA in the U.S.) will continue to lose relevance because they do not speak for nor represent the interests of the growing creative movement
  4. Traditional agencies will continue to erode, in part, because of crowdsourcing.
  5. More industries will leverage crowdsourcing.
  6. The rise of mobile crowdsourcing.
  7. The Publishing industry will embrace crowdsourcing.
  8. Crowdsourcing will render geography irrelevant.
  9. Governments will continue to embrace crowdsourcing
  10. Crowdsourcing businesses will evolve their business models to provide more sophisticated crowdsourced services.
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