Danyang – Eyewear Capital of China

Source: EOH, Dec 2010


Danyang is located in the south of Jiangsu, in the area of the Yangtze Delta. It is famous for the industry of optics. So it has a high reputation and gets the name called “the City of Glasses in China”. There are more than 600 manufacturers in Danyang. Now more than 30000 people are working for the glasses producing industry there. They produce about 100 million pairs of glasses frames and 250 million pairs of eyeglasses every year. Only in China, over 70% of glasses are made in Danyang. Danyang is developing at a high speed. The industries of hardware producing, car manufacturing, woodwork making and packing are also developing quite well there.

How can Danyang develop so well? What makes Danyang so famous in the world? Besides the hard working of Danyang people and the intelligence of glasses manufacturers, the help of the international glasses selling website, GlassesShop.com, and the cooperating companies, some powerful glasses manufacturers from other countries, are also very important. Take GlassesShop.com as an example, it helps to promote the selling of high-qualified Danyang glasses to a lot of American countries. It is a convenient bridge between Danyang and costumers all over the world.




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