Polyvore Debuts Brand Analytics

Source: TechCrunch, Dec 2010

Polyvore, the startup lets web shoppers pull their favorite items any online store and mix and match to create personalized outfits online, is debuting a new analytics tool. Style Analytics provides retailers with metrics about their brand’s perception on the site.

The Style Analytics tool will rank brands on Polyvore based on engagement level with their clothing and accessories. The tool aims to be a resource for fashion companies to learn how Polyvore’s community are interacting with a brand. For example, Polyvore will let designers know how many “sets” are created with their clothes, what products are used the most in Polyvore sets and how the brand ranks compared to other designers on the site.

Source: Mashable, Dec 2010

The dashboard enables designers — and anyone else — to see what other brands their items are often styled with. They can also see how individual products are performing day to day (and season to season) based upon how frequently they are used in fashion collages (sets), “liked” and bookmarked for future reference. Brands will be given an overall rank reflecting these criteria.

The dashboard should also offer brands ideas for new items to create. For instance, if users frequently style a given designer’s tees and jeans with leather jackets from another brand, said designer might consider including leather jackets in future collections.

Polyvore plans to make more of its data available in future iterations, helping brands and merchandisers track the rise and fall of certain trends, and other tools to help predict what items will sell best in stores.

“With the rise of social media, there’s an enormous amount of customer feedback
for companies to digest,” Lee says. “Our goal is to provide brands, large and small, with a simple tool that can help them make decisions about merchandising and marketing.”

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