JewelMint – a jewellery vertical

Source: TechCrunch, Dec 2010

JewelMint is a lot like ShoeDazzle, the shoe site endorsed by Kim Kardashian. Upon signing up, JewelMint will present you with a brief quiz, which it uses to recommend a few pieces of jewelry based on your taste. Each piece of jewelry is designed by Bosworth and Coulter, and they’re available exclusively through JewelMint.

Buy something and you’ll be signed up for a subscription, which costs $30 a month. Each month you’re given a credit to use toward a single piece of jewelry, and if you don’t like any of the pieces recommended to you, you can skip and wait until the following month (you’re only charged when you order something). If you want to try it out, JewelMint is extending a special offer to TechCrunch readers — use the gift code Nerd15 and you’ll get 50% off.

Berdakin says that since launching JewelMint, BeachMint has increasingly found itself focusing on the technical side of things as it looks to hone its recommendations. “We’re sort of like a Pandora for shopping”, he explains, because the site tries to match customers with items they’ll like. This also boosts switching costs, because customers won’t want to leave their taste profiles behind.

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