Mark Suster Invests in Pose

Source: Both Sides of the Table, Jan 2011

Here’s the deal.  Most of us want to share information with our friends and our colleagues.  We also want to discover what our friends, colleagues and people we respect are saying.  That’s why companies like Twitter have been so successful.  The things we share come in the format of text, images & video.

I’ve always  been interested in what people want to share and why.  And I’m a big believer in vertical use cases (in additional to more generalized platforms for sharing content).   Shopping for apparel (and other items like furniture) is an obvious use case the appeals to a large market segment.

I don’t want to give away all of our future strategy but imagine a world in which the system and your friends know what you have and what you want.  Imagine  a world in which the system knows what items go well with what you bought or what looks good on you.  Imagine a world in which you could look at whether retailers have other colors, sizes or similar outfits.  Imagine if you could tag items and ask to be notified when they go on sale.

What if you could instantly poll your friends on whether you look fat in an outfit.  Or whether a color palette goes with your skin.  Or whether this end chair would go well in your living room.

And imagine more broadly – your clothing, furniture and other accessories in a private, semi-private or public closet.    Imagine not only your own clothes but being able to discover what other people are wearing, what other people think is hot, how other people have accessorized their outfits.

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