Should I become an Entrepreneur?

Source: HBR Blog, Jan 2011

  1. Do you have an idea that no one can talk you out of?
  2. Do you have a partner you trust with complimentary skills?
  3. Are you prepared to endure with modest or no salary for a few years?
  4. Are you bored with your current work environment/life situation?
  5. Do you perform best in the absence of structure?

a metaphor for the three stages of a start-up: the jungle, the dirt road and the highway. In the earliest stages of a venture – the jungle – there are no clear paths available and the skills required are to thrive in the midst of the chaos. For those who possess that makeup, being a start-up executive is an excellent fit. But for those that like clear paths with little uncertainty and a great deal of structure – the highway – an early-stage venture will feel like a very uncomfortable environment.

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