3 slices of crowdsourcing insights

Source: Both Sides of the Table, Feb 2011

I want at least three slices for any UGC sites.

1. Sliced by social graph – The obvious place to start is my social graph.  Sure, I’d like to know what my Facebook friends think about the wine, books, films, hotels, airlines, etc. that I’m thinking about using.  So I’d find this slice very handy. Necessary, but not sufficient.

2. Sliced by influencer graph – The second slice I’d like to see is by the “influencer graph.”

3. Sliced by people like me – But mostly I want my recommendations sliced by random people I don’t know. That sounds counter-intuitive so let me explain. I want to know people who are just like me. They like similar food, they have similar politics, they’re in the same age & stage bracket, they have similar financial situation, watch the same movies, etc. In fact, this data set is probably totally different by vertical. I might love the same films as 50 people who for whatever reason don’t like the same hotels.

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