Focus Upon Marketing is Insufficient!

Source: Business of Fashion, Feb 2011

The landscape of fashion communication and commerce continues to change radically, and not just for big brand innovators like Burberry and Louis Vuitton. For a whole generation of formerly “emerging” designers — including Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang and Thakoon Panichgul — digital innovation is now a central part of their strategies for taking their businesses to the next level.

On Thursday at the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference — part of Social Media Week here in New York — I interviewed Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez ofProenza Schouler, who told a rapt audience of more than 200 fashion bloggers how social media is dramatically changing the way they think about the way they work, the way they sell and the way they communicate with consumers, driving sales and interest in their brand amongst a younger, tech-savvy consumer.

Thakoon: will allow us to communicate our message to a global audience. For us it is more about branding and letting our customer know who we are as opposed to showcasing product.  We want to allow visitors to make a personal connection with the brand.  There is so much character behind a brand that gets lost in translation when going through the traditional channels of designer to retailer to consumerThere is value in this character…it is our DNA.  We want to show our customer what we find so special about our brand.

BoF: The new is being billed as the “first stage of the company’s new media initiative.” What’s to come?

Thakoon: I think of it as a new platform where we can really play. Obviously it would be exciting to do ad campaigns, but in time. For now, this new platform really gives us so many opportunities, because you have control, you have a voice, you have a great audience. It’s a new way of marketing, which is totally exciting. The sky’s the limit.

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