Digital Forming

Source: Digital Forming website

Digital Forming Technology

The Digital Forming Platform is comprised of:

1)The Digital Forming Interface – an intuitive customization interface which allows individuals to customize their bespoke products online, in 3D, and in real time. For the first time ever, customers are able to adjust the shape, surface design, colour and material of their chosen products. The customization interface is driven by intelligent software, which will not allow the consumer to take the product design to a point where it is no longer aesthetically appealing, structurally sound or fit for function. So all a customer needs to do is enjoy the experience; and

2) A manufacturing supply chain –  A consequential supply chain that will process, manufacture and deliver unique products to customers within a matter of weeks.

The Digital Forming Platform and customization interface can easily be rebranded for a partnering brand and will either be integrated with their website or can be accessed by customers at computer terminals in stores. The concept can be applied to products such as jewellery, sunglasses, shoes, fashion, sportswear, homeware, lighting etc, and can even be used to create ‘made-to-fit’ products at affordable cost with 3D scanning technology.

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