Exploring Touchstream Analytics

What is Touchstream Analytics?

Just as there is clickstream analytics for PCs, there should also be touchstream analytics (and correspondingly touchstream analysis) for post-PC multi-touch devices such as the iPad.

As of 4th March 2011 (and prior to this posting), Google reveals that the terms “touchstream analytics” and “touchstream analysis” do not exist on the Internet.  Thus touchstream analytics and touchstream analysis represent a brand-new and pioneering opportunity.

However much remains to be done, such as:

  1. What is touchstream analytics?
  2. What is its relationship to clickstream analytics?
  3. What are the underlying concepts and terminology that need to be created for touchstream analytics?
  4. How should the touchstream analytics opportunity be studied and developed?
  5. What, if any, is the untapped demand and need for touchstream analytics?
  6. Can a startup make money off “touchstream analytics” and “touchstream analysis”?
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