Reinventing Industry with Ideas

Source: Business Insider, Mar 2011

Don’t be content with being middle of the road.

Instead, Taylor says to become the most of something.

Ask yourself: “If I go out of business tomorrow, will anybody notice?”

“So few organizations really stand for anything truly distinctive, compelling, or memorable; the ones that do are the ones creating all of the value in the economy.”

The biggest risk is not taking a risk

Hire people with vuja de

“Vujà dé means looking at something you’re vastly familiar with in an entirely new light.

“Can you look at an industry you’ve been working in for twenty years and somehow look at it as though you’ve never seen it before? Can you use all of your expertise with a new set of eyes to develop a really distinctive, disruptive perspective for the future?”

All it takes is a little creativity

And creativity doesn’t have to cost money

R&D isn’t always “Research and Development.” It can also be “Rip off and Duplicate.”

Give customers the experience of YOU

Create memories and emotional attachments

Don’t leave employees out. Give them ways to suggest crazy ideas

Take a lot of small risks over a long period of time to make a big change.

“The way you make a big change over a long period of time is to make a lot of small bets and do a lot of manageable experiments along the way,” says Taylor.
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