Hiring Right

Multiple Sources

Paul English website, Dec 2010
(well worth reading in its entirety)

Hiring Criteria

Here is how I hire, listed in priority order.

  1. Bandwidth.
  2. Attitude. I like people who have fire in their belly, who
    are outwardly competitive, and who are very goal / results driven. I
    like people who are fun and who laugh a lot, including at
    themselves. I like people who are so confident in their skills that
    they are openly and instantly humble about things they are not good
    at. I like people who delight in seeing others perform, and who
    delight in blowing away customers with awesome products and
    services. I like people who are open and honest.
  3. Experience.
  4. Lack of dysfunctional behavior.
Inc, Dec 2010

You could ask anyone in my office, “What are Paul’s priorities?” and they’ll say: “It’s team, No. 1. Then customer, then profit.” I really want to create the ultimate, most exciting dream team that’s ever been created in software, and I focus on that every day. I love to ask people, “Who’s the smartest person you ever met? The most creative person? The fastest?” Someone might say, “This guy I met in Ohio 10 years ago, but I think he moved overseas.” I’ll track him down.

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