$100,000 Euro angel funding

Source: Business Insider, May 2011

We invest roughly 100,000 euros per round, as soon as possible — we’ll even invest on a PowerPoint — and everywhere. We have startups in China, Norway, Canada, you name it.

I: What do you look for in an investment?

Berrebi: First of all, we want a product that answers a real need. We sometimes see entrepreneurs with really cool products, but no clear need, and that’s no good.

Of course you have to have a great team.

And you need a big market. By big market we mean we want the company to be able to reach 50 million in sales–if that’s 10 years from now that’s fine with us, but we want it to have that potential. That’s actually too small for VCs in some cases, but it’s still bigger than many companies shoot for.

And of course the company and product have to be innovative in some way.

We’re also excited about are e-commerce tools. One thing we’re seeing is that e-tailer have real technological needs and have the money to buy products that solve those needs. Anything that helps them convert better or be more efficient in some way is going to do well. This is a real, big market that people underestimate.

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