People Make the Difference

Source: Both Sides of the Table, May 2011

1. Community Leaders + Organizers
You need a good mixture of both.

2. Passionate Entrepreneurs & Ambassadors

3. Patron Companies

4. Elder Statesmen

5. Playing to Your Advantages

Every region has its advantages and while not limiting innovation to local themes it seems to make sense to at least consider local advantages.

6. Marketing Muscle

7. Local Angel Community / Recycled Capital

8. Venture Capital

9. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
The other message I delivered to the room of entrepreneurs & investors at dinner the other night was that you need to think about equity from outside the region the same way that countries think aboutforeign direct investment. The inflow of capital can be transformative.

10. Time
And finally, it’s clear that to really build a regional community you need time.

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