From Points of Control to Data Control

Source: O’Reilly, May 2011

For 2011, our theme is “The Data Frame” — focusing on the impact of data in today’s networked economy. We live in a world clothed in data, and as we interact with it, we create more — data is not only the web’s core resource, it is at once both renewable and boundless.

If we’re going to add a layer of data to each player on the map, the question becomes — what kind of data? And how should we visualize it? My initial thoughts on types of data hew somewhat to my post on the Database of Intentions, so that would include:

  • Purchase Data (including credit card info)
  • Search Data (query, path taken, history)
  • Social Graph Data (identity, friend data)
  • Interest Data (likes, tweets, recommendations, links)
  • Location Data (ambient as well as declared/checked in)
  • Content Data (journey through content, likes, engagement, “behavioral”)
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