Better than IBM’s Watson Supercomputer ??

Source: VentureBeat, May 2011

SGEye’s Visual Recommendation Engine uses visual inputs, which IBM’s Watson Supercomputer CANNOT handle (not in its current iteration).

IBM’s Watson supercomputer — and champion of trivia game Jeopardy! — is headed to hospitals to help doctors quickly register a patient’s complaints and symptoms and diagnose problems.

That means a patient could walk into a hospital and tell the computer about what is bothering them — whether it’s leg pain or a cough or a sore throat — and Watson can quickly process that information and spit out a diagnosis that has the highest probability of being correct. For most cases, that would save hospitals a lot of time because the computer could plow through the large number of cases hospitals regularly contend with that require simple treatments.

At its core, Watson is a computer that uses a series of complex search algorithms and some heavy-duty processing firepower to determine an answer that has the highest probability of being correct. But while it has a good bit of “buzzer mojo” that contributed to its wins over Jeopardy! champions Jennings and Rutter, it still hasn’t cracked the code for perfect natural language processing — something that comes easily to humans but can be incredibly difficult for computers.

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