Your Personal Stylist – through the Web

Source: WSJ, May 2011

Now, a crop of new e-commerce sites are trying to cash in on regular consumers’ desires for a Hollywood-type stylist experience of their own.

The sites combine the Internet’s powers of customization with the cachet of stylists to attempt to match of-the-moment products to shoppers’ personal preferences. Some use computer algorithms to pick items based on past purchases; others employ stylists to select goods.


The new businesses purport to offer customers one fashionable item per month in exchange for a flat monthly subscription fee ranging from $29.95 to $49.95. Customers answer 15 to 20 questions about their personal style, after which they are presented with a selection of corresponding items.

Once a consumer places her first order, she will automatically be charged a monthly fee unless she remembers to click “skip” by the fifth of the month. In the event that she doesn’t order anything, the consumer will still be charged and accumulate credits that are good for a year.

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