Paul Graham Insights

Source: TechCrunch, May 2011
(Transcript available in the source)

  • Graham says that angel rounds end and VC begins at a million dollars
  • YC’s acceptance rate is around 3%
Source: TechCrunch, May 2011
  • “Who needs this”
  • “Who has trouble with this problem?
  • “Can you tell me who the beta users are?”
  • “It’s not so much that [VCs] care about the money, it’s that the money is is evidence that people want it.” “Otherwise they will worry it’s a solution in search of a problem.” “Who is actually going to be using your software in production first?”
  •  “Find out the users who use you first are, figure out the kinds of problem they are solving. Then when you’re talking to investors tell them the problem you’re helping solve.”
  • You’re a startup, people will seek out a startup if it has something they desperately need it. But if they don’t desperately need it, they won’t hear about you.

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