Windows 8 implements Touch Interface

Source: VentureBeat, Jun 2011

Beyond taking inspiration from Windows Phone 7, the operating system is clearly designed for a tablet computer — in fact, most of the demo ran on a tablet. Sinofsky and Larson-Green said it’s all one operating system, which will customize certain elements depending on whether it’s running on a touch interface (a tablet) or a keyboard and mouse (a desk top or laptop). The goal, Sinofsky said, is to create a touch-centric, responsive experience similar to what we’ve seen on the iPad, but with all the benefits of running the full version of Windows.

Source: RWW, Jun 2011

Today at the D9 conference, Microsoft unveiled the latest version of its Windows operating system. Code-named Windows 8, in a surprise move Microsoft is incorporating touchscreen technology into the Windows UI. Windows 8 will be used across a wide range of computing devices – PCs, laptops, tablets and more. One OS for all of those devices. This runs counter to Apple’s philosophy, which has separate OS’s for its desktop / laptops (Mac OS X) and tablets / mobile phones (iOS).

Microsoft states that the new Windows 8 interface has been “designed and optimized for touch,” however it “works equally well with a mouse and keyboard.”

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