Choosing the right sunglasses

Source: NYTimes, Jun 2011

I went online and tested a few virtual try-on rooms on sites and These sites allow you to upload a photo of yourself and see how you would look in a set of frames, much like makeover Web sites. They have clearly improved over time, but I was unable to get a true sense of fit. I ended up looking like a victim of a bad Photoshop job. My images looked superimposed and almost cartoonish. Also, not all brands were available for a virtual test.

“I don’t like to strictly follow the face shape guidelines,” she said. “Most people don’t know what face shape they have and it’s all so confusing to people and hard to remember,” she said.

She also said that individual features, your lifestyle and fashion sensibility are much more important in the scheme of things and easier for most people to understand and remember.

Here’s a rundown of her guidelines:

1. Smile Test: When you smile your frames should not be resting on your cheeks. If they lift up when you smile, they are too large.

2. Choose Contoured Frames: You want to minimize the amount of space between your temple and the edge of the frame.

3 Pay Attention to the Bridge: Too much space between the bridge of your glasses and the bridge of your nose is a sign of poor fit.

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