Chanel’s digital push of its eyewear products

Source: Luxury Daily, Jun 2011

French designer Chanel has chosen a digital push to complement the new 2011/12 Autumn/Winter Prestige Eyewear campaign, starring actress and model Claudia Schiffer and shot by creative director Karl Lagerfeld.

Chanel is marketing itself via branded email, video, Web site and mobile. The brand has reverted to its iconic materials, such as chains and lambskin, for the collection of sunglasses and prescription glasses.

“Eyewear is increasingly becoming a part of one’s personal brand and it becomes a very important part of one identity, whether it be shaded glasses where one is hiding behind them, accessorizing or looking at them functionally,” said Rex Whisman, president ofBrandED Consultants Group, Denver.

“It’s a case where the designs become so interesting where it is as if people are looking at a piece of artwork on your nose,” he said.

“More luxury brands are getting into this category because it’s a natural fit in many respects to help complete other lines.”

Eyeing the competition
It seems that most luxury brands are developing their own branded eyewear lines.

Recently, Valentino recently inked a deal for an eyewear collection, as did Alexander McQueen.

Also, Italian designer Giorgio Armani introduced a street-style photography campaign, “Frames of Your Life,” showcasing everyday affluent consumers wearing its eyewear following the debut of its interactive Web site project (see story).

“Eyewear is a logical fit for Chanel and for any luxury brand because in many respects, people see and focus as much on eyewear as they do any other accessory or part of their brand,” Mr. Whisman said.

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