Eyefly competes against Warby Parker

Source: Zippycart,  Jun 2011

Eyefly offers a rather extensive collection of in-house designed frames for men and women that boasts a style that is Italian-inspired with the sensibility of a New Yorker on its ecommerce software platform. Eyefly glasses are presented as fashion accessories like a pair of shoes or a handbag, rather than those troublesome spectacles a person pulls out to read the label on the side of a cereal box. On the same site customers can pick out their eyewear, they can also read Eyefly’s fashion suggestions on what outfit or accessory would pair best with their new specs.

Eyefly could be easily be Warby Parker’s brother from another ecommerce software mother in fashion and in operations. Both companies take the role of providing fashionable glasses that people can afford. Relatively priced the same way, Eyefly offers its goods for $99 while Warby Parker takes on a $95 price tag for its prescription lenses. And while both companies run on ecommerce software platforms, Eyefly and Warby Parker offer an interactive boutique experience that lets its customers virtually try on its glasses using a webcam or uploading a picture from their desktops, mimicking an in-store trip. Eyefly brands this experience as the “FittingBox” while Warby Parker simply calls this the “Virtual Try-On” option. However, Warby Parker may have the edge as it allows its customers to receive up to five frames to be mailed home to try on (not to mention, for every pair bought on its site, another is donated to someone in need).

Although Eyefly’s ace up the sleeve could very well be its celebrity endorsement, and whenever a celebrity backing is in play, competition is sure to be stiff. Eyefly boasts high-profile clients like Kanye West, Alexa Chung, Justin Timberlake, and Jay-Z to name (drop) a few.

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