Google Ventures does Seed Rounds

Source: Forbes, Sep 2011

Google Ventures invests in ideas that are in no way connected to Google’s search engine or any of its Internet products.

So why is Google so invested in this type of venture fund? The company wants to invest in innovation, and just generally likes to have entrepreneurs hanging around, said Google Ventures founding managing partner Bill Maris in an interview. The company wants that kind of energy and activity to keep it in an entrepreneurial mindset, despite its growth to 28,000 employees. Google Ventures is focused broadly on innovation and generating a financial return, and does not seek to otherwise benefit Google, Maris said.

At the seed stage we do 100 investments per year or more and generally invest under $250,000.  It’s usually in the form of a convertible note rather a priced round. It’s usually a smallish (company), with a couple people with an idea. That’s a stage where we’re here for them. It’s important for us with these start-ups not to over-steer.

Vator.TV, Jun 2011

What’s Google Ventures’ sweet spot? Google invests in seed, Series A and B, as well as later-stage, said Joe. For seed-stage deals, Google likes to “divserify,” which is another way of saying Google Ventures likes to be prolific. The venture firm plans on investing in 80 seed deals this year. They’re earmarking $100k to $150k in deals that will ultimately raise $500k to $1 million in seed funding.

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