ModCloth’s Be the Buyer Program

Source: Fashionably Marketing blog, Oct 2011

ModCloth’s Be the Buyer program, launched in October of 2009, in combination with the rest of their marketing efforts, has helped captivate their customer’s interest and given the customer a voice in the buying process of a fashion company. This summer, ModCloth celebrated launching their 1,000th sample and finally surpassed ten million customer votes!

The feedback ModCloth get from their voters help the company (now with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh, PA) alter the specific samples with changes to fabric, color, length, design and construction, but most importantly, it helps them make better decisions about demand for future selection on BTB. ModCloth told me: “We not only share the feedback on the items with the designers, but also with our internal buying team, so ultimately the BTB voters’ feedback plays a huge role in the selection of styles we sell on ModCloth and helps us make better decisions about how deeply we buy into certain styles.”

he Proof Is In The Statistics – And We Have Them!

  • Average No. Of Votes: 6786 per item since the launch of BTB Program
  • Average No. Of Comments:  307 per item since the launch of BTB Program
  • Total Votes To Date: 5,810,231 total votes on BTB Program
  • Total Comments To Date: 250,288 (4.3% of votes) on BTB Program; an average of 2.4 comments per user
  • Total Number Of Voters: Over 105,000; 11% of users have voted on at least one BTB sample.
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