Lessons from YC Startup School @ Stanford

Source: TechCrunch, Oct 2011

Over the course of the event, there was an interspersed refrain from the speakers that many entrepreneurs aren’t motivated by a consistent passion or purpose. 

  •  Mark Pincus spoke about how his concern that many founders look towards investors for approval before determining whether they have ideas worth pursuing instead of getting excited about ideas for their own sake. He also suggested that many lack big macro goals to inform their decisions, and as a consequence, fall into the trap of making constant compromises and losing excitement for their work.
  • Paul Graham himself echoed these sentiments mid-day by explaining how he believed the best startup ideas come from problems, not people looking for ideas. He implored the audience to start with a desire and then find an idea. 

… we should develop and promote a more deliberate practice of discovering passions worth pursuing and problems worth solving in a less haphazard way. 

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