Dassault Systems Fashion Lab

Source: 3Ds Fashion Lab website, Dec 2011

FashionLab is a technology incubator dedicated to stylists and designers of the fashion world. Inspired by the idea of envisaging the fashion future, FashionLab is the merge of the artistic know-how of the designers and the engineering creativity of Dassault Systèmes. Imagining “simpler but sophisticated” 3D design tools for apparel, leather goods, accessories… while being capable of “virtual showroom-back-design” is the dream that young stylists and Dassault Systèmes share.

Our mission is to upstream thinking for the next generation of fashion solutions for design, collaboration and 3D experience. Last but not least, we are born to innovate and to lead the way-of-working for the stylists to come. Our intent is to cover all key fashion segments and to obtain a parallel halo effect of technology innovation. This result by the fact that a fashion collection is never just apparel or accessories, but is a creative mix of “looks” each composed by a style of garment, shoes, bags, jewelry and assorted accessories such as eyewear. By working in parallel with different stylists (our ambassadors), we aim to create an integrated view and offer of solutions. Those solutions are meant to design, simulate and then create an entire Fashion Collection.

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