Only 6% – 10% use brandnames to buy eyewear

Source:, Sep 2011

Fashion Vs. Function In Eyewear

The main purpose of The Vision Council’s glasses survey was to determine whether or not consumers were looking at eyewear as a medical necessity or a fashion accessory. Over three-quarters of the 1,092 people who were survived had purchased Rx eyeglasses over the past six months, and 76.2% of them were more concerned with the ability of the eyeglasses to provide the best vision possible. On the other hand, 23.8% were more focused on the look and style of the lenses that they purchased.

The survey also found that many consumers valued the functional attributes of the eyewear more so than the brand or the designer name of the glasses that they purchased. In fact, only about 6% to 10% of eyewear buyers explicitly mentioned a “brand name” or “designer name” as one of their main decision factors for purchasing the lenses that they did.

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