‘Uniqueness is luxury’s new frontier’

Source: Inquirer.Net, Dec 2011

The consumer’s hunger and desire for something created personally for her/him reflect the changing demands of the market, and redefines the meaning of luxury.

“Uniqueness has become luxury’s new frontier,” says Giornetti. “After years of everyone dressing identically, thus standardizing tastes and passions, of people paying a fortune for garments that had no real, intrinsic value beyond that of fashion for its own sake, today’s customers are willing to invest in solid items that will accompany them season after season and can be rediscovered, even years down the line, and ‘updated’ in new combinations.”

“Fashion is a fast-moving thing. Just think of the fast-fashion chains that launch more than one collection a season: They played a part in democratizing fashion, making it more accessible to the general public.”

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