Mobile Commerce Set to Grow in 2012!

Source: WWD, Jan 2012

According to experts, further mobile growth in 2012 will be fueled by:

  1. offering mobile-exclusive offers to consumers; differentiating mobile experiences by device;
  2. merging mobile shopping with the in-store experience;
  3. broadening mobile and tablet capabilities beyond Apple products, and
  4. social commerce.

Another wrinkle to the differentiating-the-mobile-experience-by-device equation relies on the convergence of mobile and in-store commerce.


“We see mobile as the true bridge between online and offline. Our customer carries her device with her at all times and enters our stores more informed than ever,” Berardelli said. In addition to merging the shopping experience in the online and offline worlds, brands differentiating between mobile, tablet and Web strategies will be key going forward.


“Mobile is just becoming a bigger and bigger share [of the online retail marketplace], and then when you add in the tablet — specifically the iPad — this is where we’re going to see a lot of growth as we move forward,” Mullen said.


“The tablet is the beacon for e-commerce, and what’s happening with the iPad is that brands are seeing conversion rates that are double or triple what they see on their Web sites — and a lot of that is being driven by when consumers are shopping.”


“For us, mobile is something we felt was a huge customer service [tool] early on, so when the iPhone hit the market, it really changed the notion of what you can do with your phone and we built an app for that. In early 2011, we added an iPad app which leveraged the benefit of that device,” said Julie Bornstein, senior vice president of Sephora Direct.


She calls mobile the bridge between a rich e-commerce and in-store experience, a tool that can enrich the brick-and-mortar component to the retail equation.


“[We’re] creating an ecosystem that works together to ease the consumer’s shopping experience. You need to leverage all of these. Our product assortment is the same [across the various platforms] and the stories are the same, but the way people navigate and the tools they have to use on each of those devices is specific.”


“I’m interested in how people discover new products that are relevant to them. It’s about integration of the social graph and social discovery,” Walsh said. “It will be quite tangible — this notion of social discovery and how the world has evolved from search-based discovery to algorithmic-based discovery. This is the most important thing — and a lot of sites haven’t taken advantage of it yet.”

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