60% of clothes (online purchases) returned due to fit issues

Source: TechCrunch, Feb 2012

The problem with shopping for clothes online is that customers have gotten burned by their past experiences. “Instead of being excited about this great new thing you’re about to buy,” explains Clothes Horse co-founder Vikram Venkatraman, “you think about the last time you had to return something, or you start wondering if it’s really going to be as nice on you as it looks in the picture.”

It’s those points of hesitation that cause 70% of shopping cart abandonment, he says. Not only that, but 60% of the time customers return clothes they bought online, it was because of fit issues.

In early tests with Clothes Horse beta customer Bonobos.com, use of the new system delivered a 13% sales boost, results which the retailer has called encouraging. Heck, it may even be able to help you find jeans that fit!

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