Online Retailer Resorts to Pop-Up Setup

Source: TechCrunch, Feb 2012

That’s why IndoChino’s recent “traveling tailor” program is so interesting. IndoChino makes suits and shirts based on your specific measurements. You follow a quick set of video tutorials to measure your chest, shoulders, gut, and groin and then send those numbers off to skilled tailors. The tailors whip together your clothes, add a monogram, and you pay $600 or so for the privilege. Then, barring massive weight gain or loss, you can go back to the site and order new clothes without the hassle of finding a tailor.

However, IndoChino wants you to go through the hassle of finding a tailor – their tailor. The first Traveling Tailor event happened in Vancouver last November and the next one will be in Calgary (both are cities in a country called Canada, IndoChino’s home. Canada is North of the United States and is also known as “America’s Hat”) this year. The events were a rousing success with a number of dudes rolling through to get fitted and, more important, a number of conversions. The most important thing is that each of these walk-up clients immediately became IndoChino customers, even if they didn’t buy anything immediately.

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