Interview with Luxottica CEO

Source: Vision Monday, Sep 2011

The potential of digital technology. “Renovating story-telling” about brands for new consumers and new markets. Taking a “360-degree” view of how an organization can work. 

But if we came and landed where we are, selling above 60 million frames and sunglasses a year, serving, more or less, a potential of one billion consumers…

Part 2 of the interview

On one side, the world is becoming bigger. On the other side, every time you’re in a region, your work has to be much deeper. The way you’re telling your stories, interacting with consumers in a proper manner, servicing your customers and consumers, your products, marketing, stories in the stores, your digital technology, the people, supply chain—how all of that is connected in a 360-degree package. That demands a radical change in how you’re organized, connected and making all the stories alive. 

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