Google Glasses – Early Prototype after 2 year development

Source: Washington Post, Apr 2012

We managed to catch up with Sergey Brin tonight, following the charity event where he wasspotted wearing Google’s Project Glass augmented reality glasses. The Google co-founder told us that the glasses are still very much at the early prototype stage. While he said the company doesn’t usually like to announce products so far in advance, Google had done so in this case in order to collect feedback on what people think of the concept, and how they would like to use the product itself — something which he said the company has already found “very useful.”

Source: Esquire, Apr 2012

How long has Google been working on this thing?  “Project Glass” started development about two years ago in the intimidatingly-named “Google X Lab,” a secret facility that has reportedly worked on any number of forward-thinking technologies, from space elevators to something known as the “Web of Things.” Google says it went public with the information in order to get outside feedback on how the glasses should work.

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