Using Tablets to Disrupt the Shopping Experience

Source: Forbes, Apr 2012

With its touchable, squeezable, zoomable screen, the tablet will become the perfect end-to-end platform for commerce. Just as Flipboard and Taptu brought the joys of flipping through a magazine to the iPad, someone needs to make shopping actually fun on the device, bringing to life the visual, tactile aspect of physical browsing.

Certainly large retail brands are taking a crack at this, with companies likeTarget and Nordstrom creating their own apps. But what shoppers really need is a social catalog that spans brands and stores. There should be a more tailored shopping app that allows us to find the perfect pair of jeans, shoes or earphones by watching and learning from what others have already discovered. Pinterest delivers the right kind of experience in spades, but at a very broad level. The winner of this race will introduce a new level of creativity to commerce equivalent to what companies like AmazoneBay and Zappos injected into e-commerce over the last decade.

Ideally, the next iPad app will add serious technologies into content creation – making the most of its retina display, large touch screen, camera and other capabilities. The ideal app will combine this serious engineering with ways to share the content between friends and strangers to take advantage of the inherent social nature of the iPad. Part of the joy in creating something on-the-go is also sharing it on-the-go, and smart developers will realize this, making creating, editing and sharing simple and entertaining.

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