Mentoring Startups

Source: Instigator blog, Apr 2012

You don’t mentor startups, you mentor people.

The Lean Canvas

As a tool for presenting to advisors and mentors, it’s perfect: clear, simple and to the point. I rarely work with a startup now that isn’t using a Lean Canvas. And one of my first questions when someone asks me for advice is, “Do you have a Lean Canvas we can look at together?”

Asking “Why?”
The simplest way of cutting through the blindness is to ask “Why?” It’s not any more complicated than that. Keep asking “why” over and over and you’ll cut through the blindness very quickly.

I want to work with people I like
It’s important for me to work with people I like, people I want to hang out with. Life’s too short to spend it with people you don’t really want to be with.

Mentors have to devote serious time
I take the commitments I’ve agreed to very seriously, and I genuinely care about what happens.

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