What do Writers and Readers Want?

Source: Fantastical Andrew Fox, May 2012

What do some, but not all, readers want?

  • a sense of community; the ability to share their love of particular books with others
  • the joy and excitement of stumbling upon an interesting book they had no prior knowledge of
  • the ability to communicate and interact with their favorite writers
  • the ability to combine the acts of reading and book browsing with other pleasurable pastimes, such as eating and drinking, listening to music, or hearing a lecture
  • beautiful, durable editions of favorite works, which are pleasing to the eye, nose, and hand

What do writers want?

  • time to write
  • opportunities and guidance to improve their work
  • an audience
  • opportunities to earn money from their work
  • the appreciation of their peers and critics

What do some, but not all, writers want?

  • the opportunity to write full-time
  • control over the editing, formatting, and presentation of their work
  • opportunities to interact directly with their readers
  • opportunities to collaborate with other writers
  • opportunities to promote themselves, their works, and works by other writers whom they admire and enjoy
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