The Future of Fashion: Co-Creation & Collaborative Design

Source: The Next Web, May 2012

The future of fashion lies in co-creation and collaborative design. Trends will continue to trickle down from the runways and trickle up from the street. Brands will continue to search for creative ways to attract fickle consumers and stand out. For Millennials, this means giving consumers a glimpse into the fashion production process. Involving users in the creative process is proven to make them value the brand more, engage with the brand more, and shop for it more frequently.

… vision of the fashionable future being all about personalized shopping online.  Poshly is working on understanding and implementing technologies that better target content and commerce to consumers from brands and e-tailers. This is yearned for by fashionable consumers who are already burdened by thousands of product choices and myriad product literature. Personalization is also imperative for brands and e-tailers — and their agencies — in order to access the elevated marketing ROI possible with personalization solutions. Curation-based systems, such as Birchbox or BeachMint, were just the first step.

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