Augmented Reality

Source: WSJ, May 2012

Google has tentative plans to sell its Google Glass device to consumers starting sometime next year, said people familiar with the project. A Google spokesman declined to comment.

Some computer scientists increasingly envision a world in which people wear glasses-like devices with a built-in camera and use apps that can recognize objects and faces—using technology called “computer vision”—and automatically retrieve information about those objects from the Web or other sources.

Vuzix and Laster Technologies said that next year they plan to launch a pair of regular-looking display glasses for consumers. The devices, which would cost several hundred dollars, would connect to smartphones so that apps could be projected onto lenses. “It will be an eye phone,” said Laster CEO Zile Liu.

Until more heads-up displays hit the market, people will have to rely on their smartphones or tablets to mix the real world with digital images, through the view of a device’s camera.

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