Google Glass Competes Against FB

Source: Forbes,  May 2012

The real challenge Google has for Facebook is the secretive Google X lab’s creation, “Project Glass,” which New York Times refers to as “Terminator Style Glasses” (check the url) and what the rest of us fondly call “Google Glasses.” The augmented reality glasses would bring smartphone computing straight to your eyeballs, and allow wearers to capture photos and videos of the world as they see it.

Creating video and images like these is a visual social experience. In fact, sharing the world as you see it with someone else may be the ultimate social experience. The Project Glass output has the same allure as Instagram — capturing where someone is at a given moment, and what they’re doing — but has an enhanced intimacy from seeing the world as that person sees it, rather than as they see it through their phone.

Facebook bought Instagram and created a Facebook Camera because photos — and specifically photos of people — are at the heart of Facebook and the social experience. With Google Glasses — which Sergey Brin says may be available commercially as early as 2013 and which NYT has said will cost between $250 and $600 — Google is muscling its way into the social photo space in a big way.

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