Coastal CEO’s Dream Disruptive Team

Source: Fortune, Jul 2012

Roger Hardy is the founder and CEO of Vancouver-based, which began as an online contact lens retailer in 2000 but added eyeglasses in 2009, and is now one of the biggest online lens businesses in North America. In 2012, Coastal hit $1 billion in eyewear sales. 

Roger Hardy: This Dream Team fantasy game is awesome; simple, straightforward layout, easy for anyone to pick a team. I really had fun.

In terms of my approach, because Coastal is kind of disruptive to the incumbent businesses, I sort of looked at my team that way. Who are the disruptors, who has shaped their industry and challenged the incumbents? I like people who are self-made and come from humble beginnings, face challenges. None of the people I’ve selected have had a cakewalk, I don’t think. They’re all clear thinkers and take on challenges.

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